Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is iHatch SEO Sydney domain of expertise.

The SEO services industry is however a less than a homogenous field. Depending on the country, the language, the culture and the industry/domain where you practice it, it involves radically different strategies.

What is SEO in plain English?

SEO is basically the optimisation of how a website is perceived by search engines.

We can draw an analogy with a woman looking for a suitor. Before she is successful, she needs to understand what triggers the suitor action. Whether she needs to be smart, funny, sexy or a potentially good mother for his children, she needs to push all the right buttons. The same applies to SEO strategies. A website is like that beautiful woman looking for suitor, the search engine. It needs to push all the right buttons and for that, it needs to speak the “language” of the search engine.

But that is not enough. Just like a beautiful woman can end up alone in a dungeon, a website to be successful needs to put itself out there and be seen. It needs to be talked about by the right people and be socially active.

The main two areas of search engine optimisation

  • On-Page Optimisation: As seen above, it is first important for a website to develop its assets: content. Those are the elements the search engine will eventually look at. But it needs to go through some window dressing, be shaped and pleasingly be presented in the best and most understandable manner to the search engines. This technically involves understanding the algorithm used by search engines to crawl websites and how it breaks down their content at the semantical level.
  • Off-Page Optimisation: again, based on the analogy above, this is the “putting the website out there” optimization that aims at being heard off in the most convincing possible manner. Technically, this requires first to understand what the search engines consider relevant, the authority in the field. In practice, this involves building backlinks. This is long, arduous work but rewarding.

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