Keyword, key to successful SEO implementations

Before we start optimising, building back links and creating a buzz on a website, one critical task that precedes most of any SEO services implementation and yet determines the success of everything that follows is the choice of keywords.

The right keywords will:

-target the right audience – the audience that will the most likely perform the desired action (a purchase, an inquiry, etc…). It must be specific enough to bring useful audience and broad enough to cast a net wide that opens up opportunity.

-match the linguistic habits of the targeted audience. Failure to do so may cause to generate no traffic at all as every audience uses language very specifically. A technical audience and consumers will not use the same words to look for a particular product. Scots and New Zealanders may not use the same word to designate a bottle of whisky.

To ensure the above is achieved, this understanding that stems from our client experience of one’s market must be gathered at the early stages. Combined with some keyword market research intelligence (Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and other Keyword research tools) this is one cornerstone of one successful search engine optimisation.